Sunday, June 21, 2009

Double the Fun

Late this afternoon my brother asked if I could keep my nephew tomorrow while my sister in law went shopping for her birthday. He has to work and the twins are going to daycare but Gradyn's a little too big to go. Of course I said yes and asked if Gradyn could just spend the night with us tonight. Greg brought Gradyn down and the twins were with him. We had fun giggling and taking pictures while Justin & Greg chatted. Macy was a little too busy for pictures but Madison was quite the poser tonight.

I asked them to put their arms around each other but Macy grabbed Madison's hand. Macy is sitting on the coffee table so she looks much taller.

Macy Savanna but we call her Macy Mae

Little Miss Madison Kayt otherwise known as Froney. We tend to give everyone a nickname in our family. Madison looks so much like my Mom.

Two Little Monkeys


  1. They are sooooo cute and look alot like Greg!

  2. Hope you had a great 4th and have a great week ahead.

    Love, Jess