Friday, May 21, 2010

How ya been?

My word it's been a while. Lots of things have happened since I was here last. First of all my step daughter got married.

It was very emotional for my husband to see his baby girl get married even though we love her husband to pieces. He cried through most of the wedding and the father/daughter dance was so emotional.

The night before her wedding we went to see my hometown boy Justin Moore in concert. Loved it!

We had a nice snowfall in February around Valentine's Day.

Next Jacob celebrated his 11th birthday. (My laptop is down so I can't access his birthday pictures.) The day before Jacob's birthday we found out some exciting news.

This little one will be arriving November 1st.

There has been plenty of other things but I've been tired and sick so my memory fails me. haha Jacob's favorite thing is that we got our pool open and we've been spending lots of time out there.

Maybe things will change while I'm off for the summer and I can actually keep up with the blog. =)

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