Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Back.

I had originally decided to quit blogging due to the fact I had no working camera which made for not so exciting posts and because I didn't feel like I could keep up with everything. I kept up with all my regular reads but I missed being able to blog and comment. Justin bought be a new camera so I'm not taking more pictures and I should be posting on a regular basis.

This is me and the love of my life. He went of to work a shut down on his long days off from International Paper and I just about went insane. He was only gone for six days and I thought I would fall apart. I was so excited when he pulled up in the driveway. Hard to believe we will celebrate 12 years of marriage next month.

These are my two favorite guys in the whole world! I feel like a lucky woman.

Sherea has a new guy who we all adore and I may be a mother in law before the year is up! I'll try to get some pictures of them to post soon.

Have a wonderful Sunday. It's back to work on Monday after a week off for Spring Break. Boooooo!


  1. I'm glad you decided to reopen your blog. :o)

    As you know, there are some times when I only manage to post once a week to do my Sunday Dinner post, so don't feel bad about not posting enough. Do what you can do and your loyal readers will stay with you, never fear.

    Love the new pics, and I'm glad Sherea seems to have found her Prince Charming. Looking forward to the pics. :o)

    Happy weekend!

    Love and hugs,


  2. I'm glad you got a new camera!!