Sunday, March 22, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

We didn't make it to church today because we are apparently all getting horrible allergies and my son kept me up all night unable to breathe, tossing, turning, and whining. I'm trying to lose my voice from coughing. I looked outside this morning and Sherea's tan car was actually a light green color from all the pollen. Is it any wonder everyone is fighting allergies, runny noses, and constant coughs. I can't help it but I have my windows open because the fresh air is so therapeutic for me. I absolutely love living in the country.

We went to Tyler Zoo on Tuesday. We really enjoyed it. The weather was perfect but oh my goodness it was so crowded!

Jacob petting a fat goat.

Here is Sherea's new guy Chris and his little boy Darin. Aren't they cute?!

This is Jacob trying to be Ace Ventura!

I hope everyone had a wonderful rest of the day today and a fabulous Monday!

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