Friday, April 10, 2009

Yep, it's been a good Friday!

My family slept in this morning while I cleaned and did laundry. We had an appointment with Jacob's pediatrician at 2:00 to discuss some changes in his ADHD medication. Jacob cried because he thought he was going to get a shot. Here he is in the waiting room.
After the appointment (no shots by the way) we headed to IHOP for some good food.

We had to go get Jacob's haircut. My brother's son Gradyn stayed with us last night and they wanted to stay up late. I fell asleep around 11 and Justin came in from roping about 12:30. Gradyn was asleep but Jacob was still awake. This morning when I was cleaning my bathroom I found hair all in my sink. Then I realized what Jacob was still doing up so late. Yep, he gave himself a nice little haircut. It was right in the front. I didn't get a picture because I was extremely frustrated. He's been a little toot this week. I just can't figure out why he waited until he was 10 to do it. He says he was just trying to save us a trip to the barber. He is grounded from his TV indefinitely. So, since there is no TV he's been doing a lot outside this afternoon. He and his Dad rode horses when we got home.

We are going to get groceries and mess around tomorrow. Sunday we will be going to church and having a big meal and egg hunt there. It's supposed to storm all day so we may be hunting eggs in the fellowship hall! The beautiful Spring weather is a great way for God to remind us that all things are made new. I'm so thankful for the true meaning of Easter! Happy Easter Everyone!

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