Sunday, May 24, 2009

Country living at it's finest.

So I was down for a good few days due to my rib injury and by Wednesday I was really going nuts about the house and laundry. I had finished most of the laundry and decided to get Jacob's stuff ready for splash day at school the next day. On my way to get a towel to put in his bag, I found a dirty towel so I lifted the top of the hamper and glanced over in front of the dryer to find this

Justin was upstairs so I ran up and screamed about a snake. He told me to go make sure it didn't crawl off the porch so we could see what kind it was. I said goober it is in the house!!! Then he got all panicked. It climbed into a small hole in the wall and it took us a good two hours to get the thing out. We have finally come to discover it was just a rat snake, but any snake equals terror from me! I'm not cut out for this mess!!

Just now I was cutting up chicken to marinate for quesadillas and Jacob comes running in the kitchen to tell me there is a big black mouse in the floor behind the couch. As any good mother would do, I climbed up on the kitchen table and tried to lean far enough around to see it. I finally got the attention of one of my dogs and pointed her in the direction of the mouse. She sniffed it and it barely moved it's head. By now I'm realizing it's got into the poison Justin put out, so I let my dogs outside as not to eat the mouse. I called Justin at work (like he could help me from an hour away) and he said to scoop it up with a dust pan and throw it outside. I'm thinking yeah just as soon as I touch it, then it will jump up and run up my leg or something. I found a brown paper bag and tried to talk Jacob into scooping it into the bag for me. No luck! At this point my knees are like jelly and my stomach is churning. I HATE mice y'all!! I decided to go back into the kitchen to finish what I was doing and calm myself down. During this time the mouse apparently died and I just got a little bit mad because I'm tired of having to deal with strange animals, reptiles, people (haha) and Justin never being here. I turned that energy around and got a hoe and scooped it into the bag. I almost fainted when it was over. I'm sure it would make a very funny video. I'm starting to rethink the country living thing!!

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  1. Oh girl! You are much better at that stuff than me! I probably would have wet myself and cried, and then put the house up for sale. I.HATE.SNAKES!