Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well I am completely and totally alone right now. This happens...........never! Justin's company is having an outage and so they are doing double coverage and he's working overtime nights. Jacob is at Mom's because Wednesday evening after Justin left for work we were going to put Jacob's go-cart back in the shop. I went inside to open the shop door and as I was leaned into it he decided to get closer to the door and the throttle stuck and ran into the door. Knocked me over and I have bruised (possibly fractured) ribs and it is very uncomfortable. My nephew decided to spend the night with Mom last night and he asked if Jacob could stay too. I was kind of glad because I could take some pain medicine and not worry if I fell asleep. I'm more sore today than I have been. I fell asleep on the side of the injured ribs and I'm thinking that's why. Maybe it's because I tried to do too much yesterday. I may seriously go crazy if I can't get up and do some laundry soon. I'm pretty OCD about my house. The total silence is not something I'm used to and while I'm enjoying the rest, I miss my baby boy.

Here is Jacob riding his go-cart. We have it fixed where it won't go very fast for his safety.

He was devastated that he ran into the door and hurt me. It was an accident but he kept bringing me an ice pack and made me a card. He was so precious.

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  1. Aw..that's really sweet of him.

    Hope you feel better soon

    Lots of love