Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Child Labor

Being the director over our campus cafeterias is a wonderful, and often challenging, job. I choose to go in early in the mornings in case there are any kind of problems on any of the campuses. I take Jacob in with me and he will either nap in my office chair, read, or play a game on my laptop. My nephew comes in pretty early and stays with us because his Mom works in another town and has to bring him early as well. Occasionally Jacob likes to pretend he "works" at the school in the cafeteria. When he gets tired he says he just wants to become boss like me so he can stay in the office and not have to do the manual labor. Last week before school I was having coffee with the ladies that work on my elementary campus and when we look up we see my son and my nephew "working" really hard.

Jacob appears to be giving some orders. Great boss material. haha

Gradyn working hard

But then after about three minutes of work they decided they needed a lunch break so they raided the stash I have in my office and retreated to the storage room to refuel.

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