Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time.....Please Slow Down!

I always say I will post more often and then time gets away from me. I guess what it boils down to is that my life isn't all that interesting. haha

I started back to work last Monday. I was really dreading it because I had grown quite accustomed to staying in my pajamas if I wasn't going anywhere this summer. I must say, it was so wonderful to just get back into a routine and to see people! Thursday was my Dad's last day at the school. He got a job where my husband works making a lot more money and better benefits, but we all had a good cry (him included) because we will miss seeing him everyday. Plus he was great at his job and I know the teachers will hate to see him go too because he was always quick to get things done.

Tomorrow morning is our annual back to school breakfast. I have have to go by Aunt Mollie's later and get the fruit to take up and get all the tables set up and ready to go. I'm also going to organize and type a bunch of notes I have been jotting down all summer and things I picked up at my workshops this summer. The new elementary principal asked me to address the campus staff regarding the rules and regulations of food service. I may lose my back to school breakfast because I definitely am not a speaker and I will be a bit nervous to have all eyes on me. A fine example is when I got ready to walk down the aisle to get married. I was nervous anyway but then my brother came up to kiss me on the cheek and told me he loved me. That in itself made me emotional but when they opened the doors for me to walk down the aisle I realize everyone in there would be watching me. I panicked a little and cried all the way down the aisle. hahaha

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow you aren't joking when you say you get nervous!

    Hope all is well and that you have a great week ahead.

    lots of love, Jess

  2. You did great this morning, and yes we will miss your dad. Glad your mom is still there though. She is so sweet.