Monday, August 24, 2009

The wait is over!

I had a wonderful first day today. I kept telling the ladies who work for me that I have never had a first day go so smoothly. I guess I had just been preparing myself for the worst. I was driving home talking with Jacob about his first day in fourth grade and I pulled up to the mailbox as is routine and headed for the driveway. That's when I saw it........The box on my doorstep that said Engraved Euniques. I started squealing and Jacob thought I was crazy.

Here is what I have been waiting for!

Thanks Kaye for such a wonderful job. I am already planning my Christmas and wedding gifts with you in mind. I think it's great to have things personalized.


  1. Hello! I had read your blog in the past, but today I happened to look at the facebook group dedicated to my grandmother (Mary Lou Morrison) and I saw a comment from you. I instantly recognized your name from blogging! What a small world!