Thursday, September 10, 2009


My computer has been on the fritz so I've only been keeping up with things on my blackberry. Man I am addicted to some internet! lol

Tomorrow night is homecoming here in the big old Bogata town, I've got my yearly sinus infection, and Jacob is absolutely loving 4th grade. Not much to report right now, or else the sinus infection is keeping my brain from functioning well. hahaha


  1. I mentioned to my dad that I found you on here, and he asked me to contact you because he would love to get in touch with your dad. My email is if you could send me a message w/ your dad's contact info I know dad would REALLY appreciate it. :) Thanks!!!!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    My name is Danial Morrison, I remember your parents very well. The way I remember them, Donnie is about 24 and Judy is about 20. They are a beautiful couple, and I think the world of them. If your dad has an e-mail address, Please send it to me at
    thanks, and it is a very small world. Dan